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1 or 2 Day Intensive in the Wilderness


2 days – Individual Intensive personalized one on one weekend w/ therapist and coaches.  Two full days dedicated to you and your goals or purpose for healing, soul searching, grieving, letting go, facing your inner and outer critics, or your own self love weekend.  This retreat includes two full days and nights and a 1 hour pre session and 1 hour post session.  We recommend outdoor camping and campfires but have also worked with clients that prefer a cabin or hotel. 

Work with us to create a therapeutic weekend designed for you and your specific needs.  Choose your location and we will make all of the plans.  Destinations include Texas local and state park campgrounds as well as out of state to Colorado, Wichita Mountains, Sierra Nevada or place of your choosing. (Out of state travel will include added costs). 

Nature is an incredible co- therapist adding beautiful backdrops for mindfulness, meditation and reflection while providing many natural healing benefits.  Such as:

  • 20 minutes gazing at nature lowers your stress hormones by 13.4%
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased NK cells (natural killer cells that aide the immune system)
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Improved mood / less anxiety and depression

Client's report feeling happier, motivated, renewed, invigorated, positive and less anxious following our weekend retreats.  Contact Tami to set up a meeting to plan a weekend for you!


Cost is$2500 (Varies for out of state location) Payment plans available and in some cases insurance can be applied to the cost.  Please contact us for more information.