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Want a better social life?

Want a Better Personal Life? Stop Doing These 5 Things Today


We all want to live happy, healthy, and purposeful lives. We want to accomplish our goals, reach our dreams, and thrive in our relationships. The problem is that many of us live on autopilot and fail to recognize how our everyday routines are impacting our lives as a whole.


If you really want to improve your personal life, it’s time to take a self-assessment of any habits and attitudes that are holding you back! Heart of the Wild Wellness has listed five things to stop doing immediately:


1. Staying Stuck in an Unhealthy Job   


Considering how much time adults typically spend working, it’s critical to have a job that we don’t hate. That doesn’t mean that you have to love your job all the time, but if your current job is causing excessive stress and anxiety, change is in order. Staying in a bad job is unhealthy for your mind, body, and soul, and it can make it difficult to stay focused and motivated in your personal life.


2. Neglecting Self-Care    


Too many of us put our needs on the backburner. But you can still be a good spouse, partner, parent, friend, and citizen without sacrificing your own health and wellbeing. Make time for relaxing activities that promote wellness in your life; turning your bathroom into a spa and carving out time for journaling are just a couple of ideas!


Diet, exercise, and sleep are also critical to a healthy self-care routine. Modify your diet to maximize your energy throughout the day and progress toward your long-term health goals. Figure out a fitness routine that works for your life, even if that means creating a space in your home to work out or jogging through your neighborhood each morning. And prioritize sleep; you need at least seven hours to benefit your health and function at full capacity. Find a relaxing routine that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.


Another way to practice self-care is to get professional help if you need it. Counseling groups like Heart of the Wild Wellness thrive on helping clients reconnect with nature and the plethora of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits that come with it!


3. Procrastinating on Essential Tasks


Anything worth having requires a lot of effort on your part. That translates to time and energy. Whether it’s a goal for your career, family, or personal life, don’t procrastinate on the tasks that will help you reach it. Even if your next goal is to declutter and deep clean your home, don’t push it off until next weekend. The hardest part is often getting started, so force yourself to get going, and the progress you make will keep you motivated to finish!


4. Expecting People to Change     


Changing habits and attitudes are some of the hardest things anyone can do. So, when you are frustrated with someone close to you for not changing, think about how difficult it is for you to change negative attitudes and behaviors. It isn’t fair to put that expectation on others! Plus, waiting for someone to change means you are relinquishing control of changing the parts of your circumstance that you can improve.


5. Spending Too Much Money


Finally, spending frivolously is one of the fastest ways to put yourself in hard circumstances in your personal life. Think of simple, significant habits you can change in your life to keep yourself in better financial standing. Make coffee to take with you to work each morning, and bring along your lunch while you're at it. Wait for a day or two after getting your paycheck to make a major purchase. These are just a couple of ways that you can begin to improve your mindset when it comes to spending.


If you are living on autopilot, unaware of the daily routines that are negatively impacting your life, now is the time to make some changes. Consider the five unhealthy habits and attitudes above, and keep thinking of other toxic behaviors that you can cut out of your life for good. Before long, you will begin to notice tangible improvements in your overall health. And your relationships will be better than ever!


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Article provided by Dorothy Watson